Canadian WhatsApp Birding Group Directory


This is a directory of known Canadian WhatsApp Groups. To add, remove, or edit your group info on this list contact Links to emails of administrators, or links to groups, will be added upon request. There are also numerous Facebook Messenger groups, but this directory is limited to WhatsApp which currently doesn’t require ‘membership’ with any other platform.

WhatsApp Birding Groups are a relatively new birding innovation. WhatsApp groups are probably the best tool for sharing regional bird sightings and community -building. Chats can be saved and exported, and maps, pictures, and details can be shared in real-time. As far as we can tell the idea was first initiated by the Champions of the Flyway in Eilat, Israel and has subsequently spread around the world (if you know the real source, please correct us).  However, they do have their limitations: 1) Information can be overwhelming so they have to be quite regional to keep content and activity manageable. 2) There is a group limit – few hundred. 3) They can consume a lot of data if the user isn’t controlling their mobile data use. More to come…

Each group has their own guidelines for posting and membership determined by the group administrators. Generally, information is limited to critical knowledge about bird sightings, and no chit-chat. An example guideline for posting from the LPBO Bird Alert: This group is the primary source for real-time information about the occurrence, location, and details of significant bird life in the greater Long Point area. While some general chit-chat and banter is expected, please use discretion when posting to the group. 4 and 6-letter codes are acceptable – for reference see We ask that any sightings from remote locations not be shared without permission from the administrator.


Group Name Prov. Region Administrator Date Established
LPBO Bird Alert ON Long Point Stu Mackenzie Oct 26 2017
HSA Bird Alert ON Hamilton Barb Charlton, Brett Fried, and Richard Poort. Nov 9 2017
Toronto Bird Alert ON Toronto proper Amanda Guerico, David Pryor, and Garth Riley Apr 28 2018
Durham Bird Alert ON Durham Region Charmaine Anderson and Dave Worthington Feb 7 2018
Pelee Bird Alert ON Point Pelee Barb Charlton, Kory Renaud, and Jeremy Hatt Apr 14 2018
Rondeau Bird Alert ON Rondeau Jim Burk ?
Halifax RBA NS Halifax David Bell and Seb Pardo Jan 29 2018
Lambton Bird Alert ON Lambton Anne Goulden 2018