The following is a list of relevant Anous publications:

Wood.2018. Anhinga – New for the Hamilton Study Area. The Wood Duck 71(9): 197-198.

Mackenzie, S.A. 2016. Closing the gap to 300 – A Texas Big Day. A Birder’s Guide to Listing and Taxonomy Vol. 28. No. 3: 20-21.

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Mackenzie, S.A. 2003. White-winged Dove – New to Essex County. Point Pelee Natural History News Vol. 3, No.2, 33-34.

Mackenzie, S.A. 2010. How a Snowy Owl catches Bonaparte’s Gulls on the wing. Ontario Birds 28: 54-56.

Mackenzie, S.A. 2008. Black Swift: First record for Ontario. Ontario Birds 26: 199-202.

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