PANAMA – Anous ‘Lite’ Trip – 005-2010-03

Panama – March 14 to 21, 2010

Rating: 2 –  Light to mild birding with brief periods of intensity and lots of down time.

Goals: 300 species in one week, well 6 days.

Cost per person: Approximately $1250.33 CAD per person.

Reality: 284 species in 6 days. – Panama Canal Zone Trip List:

Brothers/Sisters Present: Brett, Friis, Mackenzie, Nicoll, Pergentile, Salli, White, Yuristy .

Route: Panama City, Sierra Llorna/Santa Rita Lodge, Chagres, Colon – Achiote Road and environs – Trogan Trail, PortobelloPipeline Rd, Santa Clara, El Valle, Street Meat Coma, Panama City– Home.

Highlights: Too many to note.

Trip Report: Download a complete trip report here (coming soon).

Ebird Checklists:

March 14:

Sierra Llorona Lodge

March 15:

Sierra Llorona Lodge

Gatún Locks

Achiote Rd.

Sendero El Trogón

March 16:

Sierra Llorona Lodge

March 17:

Fort Sherman


Gamboa Rainforest Resort

Panama Rainforest Discovery Centre  -

March 18:

Punta Chame

Sierra Llorona Lodge

March 19:

Canopy Lodge

March 20:

Panama Rainforest Discovery Centre

Photo Archive:

ANoUS brothers Brett and Mackenzie in Panama

Family meeting.

Me gusta Panama

2nd Panama record for White Pelican



Left it is.

And the ladies go for mud.

If you hear strange noises in the jungle, it’s probably this guy!

White-tailed Trogon

Anous ‘Lite’

El Valle


Uncle Fergus loses his hat.

Tricolored Heron

Ancient Anous Saying: Roads? Where we’re going we don’t need roads…


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