Nicoll Nuggets

Some may describe Fergus as eccentric. This page is dedicated to this eccentricity which Anous both supports and applauds.

Nicol Nuggets…

  • “It’s too hot!” Every trip he’s been on.
  • “There are two kinds of men in this world. Me, and the rest of these guys.”  Portal, AZ April 2012.
  • “I didn’t piss my pants, I pissed ON my pants.  There’s a difference.” Somewhere in SW Arizona 2012.
  • There are only so many ways to cook pasta.” Trinidad April 2013 – after waiting a very long time for a pasta dinner.
  • “I didn’t learn any Spanish, but I lost a whole lot of English” – Cuba, 2014
  • “My balls are always hot, you guys have cold balls?”- Cuba, 2014
  • “When I make a porn it’ll be called Woodland Nymphos.” – Cuba, 2014
  • “I like visiting the coast and looking at starfish and shit, but I’d never live there” – Cuba 2014
  • “This is prime shitting habitat” – Cuba 2014 – Rancho la Belen
  • “I never want to find pubs in my beard” – Cuba 2014
  • “Well I’ll be a two-peckered owl fart” – Cuba 2014

As wise as his beard is scraggly.

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