Champions of the Flyway Intelligence Repository

A compendium of Strategy, Routes, Timelines, Past Attempts, Big Day Trip Reports, Big Day Magic, and Big Day Blunders.

With a Big Day so well exercised as the Champion’s of the Flyway Playing Field, one would think that an optimal route has been developed, discovered, and one, or a few tried, tested, and true routes and strategies are common knowledge; the rest is details, efficiencies, and luck. Of course, perhaps the playing field does not lend itself to predictable routes? Finding this kind of information however, has been surprisingly, perhaps not too surprisingly, difficult. Maybe we’re just not looking hard enough.

Everything posted here is either stuff we’ve found, been given, or dug out of  old shoe boxes. Google is great, but there’s a lot of useless stuff to sift through. ENJOY.

If you have links to reports or intel that isn’t listed here, copies of trip reports that we could post, or any information at all, please let us know.

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American Birding Association-Leica Wheatears Video/Blog (2018)

ABA – Champions of the Flyway Podcast


The Playing Field Google Map

2017 American Dippers Planning Map



Israel Birding Portal (Barak Granit) – 2016

Israel Birding Portal (Barak Granit) – 2015


Detailed Trip Reports and Annotated eBird Reports:

As far as we can tell, these don’t really exist! There are rumors…

Dutch Knights (2016)

Sempach Snowfinches (2016)

Sempach Snowfinches (2017)

Sempach Snowfinches (2018) (Spring 2018)


The Media Birders (2017)


General Summaries:

Zeiss Arctic Redpolls (2017)

Israel Birding Portal – Race Day (2017)

South African/Birding Ecotours (2015)

South African/Birding Ecotours (2017)

Focusing on Wildlife (2017)

Leica American Dippers (2015)


Results (pre-2018):

Israel Bird Portal – COTF Results 2014

COTF 2016 & 2017