CAPE HATTERAS PELAGIC – Anous Trip – 008-2011-07

Cape Hatteras July 14 to 18, 2009.

Rating: 6 – Diversity of challenges. Hard birding, intense travel, large waves, sea-sickness, farts, fast food, drive-thru beer stores.

Brothers present: Attia, Brett, Friis, Mackenzie, Wood.

Goals: Swainson’s Warbler, Pelagics.

Route: Burlington, New River Gorge, West Virginia, Cape Hatteras X 2, BALTIMORE???, Home.

Trip Length: 4 days

Highlights: Everything!!! Wilson’s, Leaches, and Band-rumped Storm Petrel, Cory’s, Great, Audobons, Manx Shearwaters, Black-capped and Herald Petrel, Pomarine and Parasitic Jaeger, Bridled Tern, South Polar Skua, White-tailed Tropicbird(s).

Trip Report: Contact Anous for trip details.

Photo Archive:

Now that’s a bridge – New River Gorge, WV. SWWA Directions: Drive down the road to the left, park in the parking lot, walk 20 m down the trail – observe Swainson’s Warbler!

And it begins…


Lube up gentlemen…




Cory’s and Great Shearwater…


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