Anous Big Days Archive


Anous on Oilfield Rd., High Island, Texas.


The ABA Big Day and List Report featuring Anous BIG DAYS in Ontario and Alberta is available here.

Click the titles below to download summaries of Anous BIG DAYS. Anous BIG DAYS are also summarized in the American Birding Association’s Listing Central.


The Texas Big Day



Ontario BIG DAY 2009

Ontario BIG DAY 2011

Ontario BIG DAY 2012   – The Ontario Big Day record!         

Ontario BIG DAY 2018


Alberta BIG DAY 2005

Alberta BIG DAY 2011

Alberta BIG DAY 2012 – The Alberta and Canada Big Day record!



BIG DAY PHOTO ARCHIVE (all photos copyright Anous):

Anous brother Mackenzie wanted in Brooks Alberta.

Butt-@#(& Nowhere – Alberta – “If we get stuck, the days over. If we make it, we save 45 minutes.”

You think this will be a problem?

So the Dusky Grouse says to Anous – “Can I be your Mascot?” The Noddy subsequently beat the shit out of the Dusky Grouse.


photo 2

Anous on the doorstep of Waterton Lakes National Park, Alberta.

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