Background, Mission and General Information

Anous© was founded on an epic birding trip to Florida in March 2008 amidst several hundred Brown Noddies (Anous stolidus).  In ancient greek Anous means “stupid, mindless, or foolish” reflecting the demeanor of noddies when first discovered and approached by sailors. We strive to honour the true meaning of Anous on every trip we take.

TRIPS (see Anous Trip rating system here)

1. Must include AT LEAST 1 overnight stay at a location not considered the primary residence or dwelling of any Anous© member,
2. must include AT LEAST 50% of attendees on a trip + 1 voting member.  (I.E. more than 50% of the group must be Anous© and > 3 members)
3. must adhere to the American Birding Association (ABA) Code of Ethics, and
4. common sense CANNOT be a limiting factor in decision-making at any stage in the trip.


1. All caveats in place for an Anous© TRIP apply, and
2. must adhere to the Big Day rules set in place by the ABA as found here.


1. All caveats in place for an Anous© TRIP apply,
2. plus the company of significant others of Anous© members, and
3. must cater to the needs of said significant others while maintaining the goals of Anous©.

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